• Check your Eyebrows  ❤

    To some this meme may be cute but it’s a little deeper than that, let me explain.

    1. Your eyebrows are the focal point of your face. Not only are they used for communications and facial expressions, they represent you.
    Your eyebrows can make you look messy, Continue Reading

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  • 5 Natural Products I just can’t live without. 

    5 Natural products that I can’t live without. 

    1. Okay, So I know there’s waay more than 5 Natural products that I absolutely love, but these are my “OMG ! How do you not use these?! I can’t live without products.I actually have a looong list of things I absolutely need and love but these are Natural, multipurpose and inexpensive everyday Beauty products.

    So here’s my list and why I Love them so much :
    1. Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar :

    This stuff is A-Maze-ING. I use it as my toner for my face, under arms and bikini area. I add a tablespoon with my water to take internally to keep my digestive system functioning properly and to help detox. I also every now and again add some to my bath water to soak in. Its like a full body toner and detox.

    2. Dr. Teals Epsom Salt :
    I had a really bad breakout a couple of months back and my esthetician recommended I use Epsom Salt in the water I rinse my face with to minimize bacteria and also to exfoliate, and it has worked like a dream. I also use it to soak after a long day of work. It helps by relaxing sore muscles, it detoxifies and leaves my skin soft and smooth.

    3. Aloe

    I swear this should’ve been first on my list. For a while my skin was a wreck !! It’ll get on track then back off again. Until I discovered this God given plant that has changed my entire life. I use this night and day after my face love routine. I also drink 100 % unfiltered, organic Full leaf aloe vera juice, it has been keeping my skin beautiful from the inside out. I loooooooove ALOE, but thats a whole nother post 😉.

    4. Dr. Bronners Rose Hemp Castille Soap :

    I will never try another soap again ( at least I’ll always come back to this one ). I love this soap because It’s all natural, it leaves me squeaky clean without stripping my skin of its natural oils. I use it on my face with my clarisonic and it gives me the most beautiful glow ever. If you’ve never tried any of Dr. bronners Soaps, then try one today !! Usually you can find the mini trial size where ever you purchase the full size.

    And you know what else I love about this soap?

    I use it to wash my vegetables, clean my tub, cleanse my makeup brushes and wash my hair !!  It has so many different uses, including washing your laundry. This stuff is everything life is made of !!

    5.  Water :

    I know, I know, I know.

    But yes water is an essential that alot of people don’t think about. Not only has drinking almost a gallon of water of day changed my skin, it has changed my energy. I can’t stress how essential drinking enough water is to your life. My favorite brand to drink is Le Vai Alkaline water, if you’re not familiar, do some research and thank me later.

    I hope you’ve found some value from my list of my 5 favorite natural everyday products.  I’d love to know what your five favourite products are, you know the ones you never run out of? Yes, those. Leave them in the comments below so that I can check them out.

    Until Next time,

    Peace, Love and Beautiful Vibes 💖

  • Lace Closure -VS- Silk Base Closure 

    Lace Closure -VS- Silk Base Closure 

  •  Quick & Easy Mid Week Glo Up Tip 

    I Love Mondays but it seems by the time I get to Wednesday, I need a refresh button. As we know, how you’re  feeling shows on your skin. Ughh ??  Don’t you just hate that ??  

    Well I’ve found my super weapon. ALOE. 

    YES, plain ole aloe out of the neighbors yard or you can grow it right in your kitchen. If you would like to see how I grow mine, leave a comment below.  

    Here’s a mid week Glo Up tip: 

    Before bed, thouroughly cleanse and tone your face with your fave skin care products. Cut open an aloe leaf and apply the juice of the aloe to your face. Let it thoroughly soak into your skin, drink a tall glass of alkaline water and go to bed. 

    You’ll thank me in the morning. This method will leave your skin super soft and glowing from within. Try it and let me know how it works for you. This can also be done every day and night. 😉

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    Dear nappy headed girl.
    I know exactly how you feel.

    No matter what you do your hair just doesn’t act right. No matter how many products you use, it never looks like the girl’s hair on social media. You moisturize with coconut oil, try to make it grow with castor oil, mist with water and glycerin but it just never seems to just “all of a sudden be beautiful.”

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