Check your Eyebrows  ❤

To some this meme may be cute but it’s a little deeper than that, let me explain.

1. Your eyebrows are the focal point of your face. Not only are they used for communications and facial expressions, they represent you.
Your eyebrows can make you look messy, particular, clean and well put together.

This doesnt mean that you will not look beautiful if you dont do your brows, it means you won’t look your best.

2. You want your brows to look their best naturally. Yes you can always cover and shape them with a pencil or pomade but the goal with makeup is to enhance, not hide.

So See here’s a quick list of brow grooming essentials every  #imagemaven should have.

✔A brow lady, if you dont know how to do them yourself.
Stick with your same brow lady no matter what!!  The quickest way to have jacked up brows is by letting everyone fool with them.

✔Brow gel.
At night and on the days I am not wearing brow makeup, I use a brow gel to tame and keep my brows in place. This will train them to look their best at all times. You can use Aloe as a brow gel as well. It’ll provide the necessary nutrients needed to help them grow and shine.

For in between eye visits. After a while of training your brows, you won’t nees to pluck in between visits anymore.

✔Castor Oil.
For those of us that gave thin brows, rub castor  oil on them at night to help stimulate growth.

I’d love to know, how important are your brows to you ?

Until next time,

Peace, Love and Beautiful Vibes

Kamilah Lee





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