5 Essential Steps to starting a healthy hair regimen.

 As a stylist, I am constantly asked, "what do I do to keep this up and what do I need to do to take care of my hair" ? Everytime I'm asked this question, I swear I want to say " um, just do what I did, duh.  Then I remember, yea I'm a stylist and I go to a mechanic because I know absolutely nothing about cars, well maybe a little, but not enough.
Truth is, there is no one way to explain how to take care of your hair. It all depends on what you need and may be missing in your LIFE ( yes I said LIFE ) and REGIMEN.
Let me explain:
If you go to bed and wrap your hair every night, yet you dont keep your tresses moisturized and drink plenty of water you may never have a supple free flowing wrap. That's a life issue. I need not show you how to wrap your hair, but I will recommend you start drinking half of your body weight in water everyday and keep a bottle of BASIC herbaceous oil in your beauty bag.
On the other hand, you may drink plenty of water, see your stylist every two weeks, yet go to bed every night without wrapping your hair. In this instance, I'm going to recommend you keep a satin wrap cap in your night stand and wrap your hair every night.
There is NO one size fits all when it comes to hair care, but I will list my top 5 tips for starting a healthy regimen to have a healthy,beautiful head of hair.
1. Drink plenty of water. Half your body weight everyday. Add lemon to help detox, add shine and give your hair and skin that beautiful glow from deep within.
2. See your stylist as often as he or she recommends. I recommend every two weeks but consult with your stylist for their recommendation for your hair. 
3. Excercise, stretch and massage your scalp daily,  This will help to keep your blood flowing throughout your body and scalp which will help to produce strong strands of hair fiber( which also depends on what you are putting into your body, which is #4)
4.Eat real food, notice I didn't say healthy.( I stopped saying healthy when people started calling diet soda healthy. ) Real food, almost anything that is grown from the earth not made in a lab.
Remember you are what you eat !!

 5. Never ever, ever, ever go to bed without wrapping your hair or sleeping on a satin pillow case. This will retain moisture,  lessen the chance of breakage from friction and help preserve your style!!

Now listen !!  Please DO NOT put grandma's ripped up stockings around your head as a wrap cap, I know it may feel super comfy, but no.  Just No. 
I hope these tips have shed some light on where to start your hair care regimen.
I'd Love to hear from you !!
What does your hair care regimen consist of and How often do you see your stylist ?
What's the hardest part of your hair care regimen? 
Until Next time, 
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