5 steps to your best lips ever

So, a good friend of mine has a ChapStick addiction, but no matter how much ChapStick she applies, her lips still tend to be dry.
You say, How is that possible ??
Let me explain.
 ChapStick alone cannot and will not cure your dry lips blues on its own, sooo today I'm going to give you my top 5 lip care tips for having the most irresistible lips ever !!
Now before you decide not to read this whole article, let me tell you a little insider secret in case you didn't know.
Did you know :
Whenever you go to get your sacred bikini wax with a new person for the first time, some waxers look at your lips to decipher how "pretty" your situation is going to be.
Yep, its true!!
1. Drink PLENTY of WATER!!  Your lips tell exactly how hydrated or dehydrated you are. 
STOP, just STOP.  Unless you are LL cool J,  at his prime, in the 90's, it just doesn't look good and it makes your lips dark.
You know those little bumps you get directly  around your lips, the ones you see when you stretch your lips, that's from licking, so stop!!
Licking your lips also contributes to the dehydration you may be experiencing with your lips. 
3. Exfoliation, the Holy Grail.
Here is where the magic and transformation happens.
Exfoliating removes dead skin cells, and dry skin. It also aids in skin cell renewal and turn over.
For a DIY lip scrub: Mix brown sugar and honey into a gritty consistency and rub onto your lips in a  circular motion.
You may also apply vaseline, regular vaseline, and let it sit for about 5 minutes,then use a warm rag to wipe it off. I swear you wont stop touching your lips after these treatments.
4. Apply lip balm EVERY morning and EVERY night, even before you apply lipstick.
If you are a lip licker, then use vaseline, it may discourage you from licking it off. Also, avoid the fruity tasting and smelling lip treatments, they will tempt you to continuously lick even though you may not realize it.
Keep lip balm in your bathroom next to your toothbrush so that you can apply it immediately after your oral care routine. This will also decrease the chances of you licking your lips.
5. Kiss your sweetie,,, alot!!!!
This will most definitely keep you on top of your lip game. If you don't have a honey boo bear, just imagine kissing Idris Elba and you will be just as fine.
Bonus tip :Love your lips, Love your self ! It all adds up to a better you.
If you're a product junkie like my self, I would recommend Kiehls Buttermask lip creme.
It is Amazzzzing. The whole Kiehls line is amazing. Best part ever,,, Bloomingdales  gives free samples and if you purchase it and don't like it, you can always take it back!!
Hope this helps!!
As always , for questions,  comments or advice email me or comment below !!
Peace, Love & Beautiful Vibes 

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