Luxe press maintenance

So you've either just got Luxe pressed by the best or you're considering it and don't fully understand what you're going to have to do to keep it up. Well I've put together this little list of dos and don't to keep your hair flowing the same way it did or will the day of your service.
But first here's a little inspiration.  
  • Under no circumstance do you wet your hair. Your hair will swell and you will have a fro in no time.
  • No Hot showers or steam rooms, the humidity may revert your hair, depending on if your hair is trained or not.
  • Apply light oil and Wrap your hair every night or sleep on a satin pillowcase. Wrapping is best !!
  • Keep flat ironing to a minimum preferably no flat ironing until your next service, if you find a need to flatiron your hair keep the temperature in between 320 and 350.
  • Do not use wet products I.e. Wrap lotion, mousse, gel.
  • If you work out or plan on sweating, wrap your hair. After you have completely cooled off and your hair is no longer sweaty or humid, comb down your hair. Never comb down your hair while it is wet or humid, you will lose your wrap.
Quick tip: Adding extra oil to your hair will keep your hair straighter longer as it will seal out humidity.
As always, if you have. My questions, cares or concerns, please feel free to contact me at
Until next time,
Peace, Love & Beautiful Vibes.

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