Essentials for creating a healthy hair regimen

Updated: Jun 13

Click here for podcast instead. Creating a healthy hair regimen can be daunting if you dont have a plan. Below I've listed some basics that will aide you in creating a regimen that you can look forward to.

Define your lifestyle

To define your lifestyle, you'll need to ask yourself a couple of questions. Answering honestly will save you a lot of time, Headaches, money and bad hair days.

  • What type of hair styles will your career/ job require of you?

  • Do you work in a corporate or casual setting?

  • Are you an entrepreneur with an Image to uphold or are you Zoë Kravitzs spirit animal, meaning you will do as you please with your hair and no one or nothing will change that?

  • How much daily time will you have to commit to your hair?

  • How often are you able to see your stylist? Factor in the finances and the time you would need to dedicate.

  • What are some hair styles that you can easily do?

  • Can you twist, braid, wrap or have you mastered a sleek ponytail and your hair knowledge stops there.

  • Are you hair savvy ?

When you think of doing your hair do you get frustrated and take a nap instead? Or do you pull out your hair kit and are ready to be the natural master stylist that you are ?


Picking products can be a whole chore that can drain you mentally and financially.

I highly recommend seeing a professional stylist that specializes and is experienced in your hair type and needs that will need to be met while creating your hair regimen. If you have products that you currently love, sticking to those products is a good choice and if you're looking to venture out and try new products, pick products that are similar in consistency and recommend usage to avoid using a product that is not made for your hair.

Be consistent

O the often dreaded wash day.

Pick a day and time to care for your hair that will allow you to be consistent. Whether you decide to have a once a week, twice a week or biweekly hair care regimen, the key Is to remain consistent and persistent.

Never skip Hair care day!! This is the only step that will allow you to learn and grow with your hair.

Finding a go to style.

This is a critical step to avoid bad hair days.

Find and / or create a style that you can accomplish in a reasonable amount of time. This is critical for those days that you wake up late, or have a tragic twist out that looks nothing like the YouTube video you followed and you only have 10 minutes to leave your house. A go to style is a Hail Mary in a time of need.

Be patient

This Step is self explanatory. Be patient and kind with your hair. Your hair definitely has a mind of it's own but with a little understanding and a lot of patience, you and your hair will have a beautiful flourishing relationship.

Give your hair plenty of love, even on the days you feel your hair doesn't love you back. Don't compare your hair journey to anyone else's as we are all unique.

As always, Peace, Love and Beautiful Vibes,


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