(PRE-ORDER) 7 Basic Principles of The Image Conscious Woman Ebook

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Would you describe yourself as image conscious?
Would you like to be the best version of yourself that you can be?
Would you like to be able to do it in just 7 simple steps?
If the answer to even one of these questions is yes, then this book is for you. 7 Basic Principles of the Image Conscious Woman will help you to develop and create an image you will love, with 7 chapters which are each dedicated to one of the principles:
    Time management
    Self Love
How you view yourself will essentially define how others view you, so it’s important to get it right. And changing your mindset is just one of the things you must do if you want to find a self-image you’ll be proud to show off and that others will be impressed by.
When when you learn the principles inside this book, you’ll be able to change not just one aspect of your life, but all of them. From work and business, to family, relationships and love, 7 Basic Principles of the Image Conscious Woman will transform your life.