/ˈimij/   The general impression that a person, organization or products present to the public. 

Image is everything and everything is all about image. When you leverage your image properly it can expand your impact in your daily life, from work to school, a special someone or your next business opportunity.


With the platform that we have created, you will find the tools that will help to elevate your image and in turn elevate your life. 

elevate your image 

hey beautiful, 

I'm Kamilah....

 Your Luxury hair artist, Image Maven, Author, Educator and 

Your daily dose of Peace, Love and Beautiful Vibes.   

Ever since I received my first Press, I knew feeling pretty was almost as important as oxygen. (Obviously my stylist didn't burn me, at least not the first time) 

Growing up without a mother to look up to in terms of image and style, I learned to create and own an image that I created for my self.  Understanding how hard it can be to elevate your image, I found I was drawn to helping other women feel beautiful.  I spend my days doing this in my salon / Image Concierge Service where I am a Full time Hairstylist and more importantly "therapist".  I work with my husband who is a Fashion designer and together we make the world a more beautiful place . 

Don't Be a Stranger!
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